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I am a Windows user and am trying to open it Adobe XD/Figma but something goes wrong

The most of our products available only in .sketch format due to complex symbols usage.  Unfortunately, direct export Sketch > Figma / XD does not give a perfect result yet. Some of the useful properties, such as overrides, masks, or styles, can be lost while exporting. We hope Figma and Adobe will fix it in the next versions.

I cannot open it in sketch 47.1. Can you help me open this in my version of sketch without upgrading sketch to another version?

All products are designed to take full advantage of the latest version of Sketch.
So I highly recommend you to update your Sketch – it really simplifies and speeds up work.
If it's not possible - we can send you the previous versions

I'm very much interested in your Adminian Wireframe Kit – is it compatible with Adobe XD as well?

Only the first version of Аdminian includes an XD file. It can be purchased here:
http://market.designmodo.com/adminian-ui-kit/ All the following versions are made only for the Sketch.

I have just bought Adminian Statistics via UI8.net. I have just realised there is an extended version. Would be possible to upgrade my current simplify version? or I have to purchased again?

New versions of each product are updated for free. But unfortunately, we do not have the ability to upgrade one product with another.
In this case, we can provide a promo-code for buying a new version with a discount on gumroad.com

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